Cyclone Phailin Animal Relief
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After being treated
The cow with a fractured horn gets patched up
Villagers help
Cattle owners help others hold their cows as the team treats their ailments or injuries
A calf is treated by a volunteer
House collapse
A house collapses after the cyclone hits.
The team
IFAW-WTI veterinarian Dr Reetika Maheshwari and three other veterinarians (from the Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology) and a volunteer set up a camp in Ganjam.
Mobile veterinary camps
Treatment continues at the mobile veterinary camp set up in Ganjam
Animal relief
As of Wednesday evening (October 18th), over 30 animals had been treated for various ailments, including injuries and fever caused during the cyclone
Ready for treatment
A man stands with his cow as the team prepares for treatment
Meet with villagers
The team meets villagers to discuss the camps and spread information
An animal keeper
An animal keeper pets and consoles his cow as she is being treated by IFAW-WTI vets
Cyclone hits Ganjam
Destruction caused by incessant rain
A fractured horn
A volunteer and WTI's Dr Reetika Maheshwari treat a cow with a fractured horn
A man stands outside his home in Ganjam after the cyclone breaks it in half
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