Oli the Otter
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The three male otter pups were found near Kaziranga NP and brought to CWRC on September 6, 2013. Rescued after they had separated from their mother during the floods, they had not even opened their eyes when brought to CWRC.


This particular otter was named Oli by the CWRC staff. The pup is being bottle-fed and looked after at the CWRC. This is the first instance of the species being admitted to CWRC.

Oli was first introduced to an open water body on 3.12.13. He slowly approached the water body and drank little from the pond. Oli was given fish which he gleefully devoured. Oli is the only surviving pup among the three pups

Oli swimming in the make shift water body at CWRC on January 3, 2014. During the day, Oli confined himself to water and caught live fish from the pond. The species was identified by a WII otter expert who visited the CWRC.

Oli staring at the camera. He was healthy and very friendly with the animal keepers at CWRC.

CWRC veterinarians shaving Oli's hair for implanting a radio transmitter to track his movement once he is released back into the wild.

CWRC veterinarians monitoring Oli after the operation.

Oli after the surgery. He recuperated and responded well to the treatment.
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