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Male Elephant Calf Rescued by Forest Staff, Brought to CWRC for Treatment

The elephant calf being examined at Kondoli Tea Estate in the Kothiatoli forest range (photo: IFAW-WTI)

Nagaon District, Assam, December 16, 2016: A male elephant calf with partial vision impairment was rescued by frontline staff of the Assam Forest Department (AFD) at Kondoli Tea Estate in the Kothiatoli forest range on Wednesday, December 14.

The forest department informed CWRC (the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation, IFAW-WTI and the AFD’s wildlife rescue, treatment and rehabilitation facility near Kaziranga National Park) and a Mobile Veterinary Service team led by Dr Samshul Ali proceeded to the spot.

“The calf is a male, approximately two months old,” said Dr Ali after conducting a thorough onsite examination, “and though it appears to be physically healthy overall, it has a corneal opacity in its right eye. This requires clinical treatment. We have not attempted a reunion with the nearby herd since the calf will in all probability not be able to keep up with the herd as it moves on.”

The MVS team transported the calf to CWRC the same evening. It is responding to the prepared milk feed and is currently under observation at the centre’s Large Animal Nursery.

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