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Immunisation Drive for Domestic Animals Conducted In Fringe Villages of Pakke Tiger Reserve

The WTI veterinary team and volunteers immunise a cow as part of the free vaccination and treatment drive conducted last month

Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh, March 4, 2017: Working in collaboration with the Arunachal State Animal Husbandry Department and the Forest Department, WIldilfe Trust of India recently conducted a month-long free livestock and dog vaccination and treatment drive in the fringe areas of Pakke Tiger Reserve.

The WTI veterinary team, accompanied by two veterinary volunteers from Belgium, visited around 135 households, immunising and treating a total of 517 cattle, 66 goats and 49 dogs during the drive. While the cattle and goats were vaccinated against common diseases like foot-and-mouth, haemorrhagic septicaemia and black quarter, the dogs were vaccinated against rabies. Free treatment, including vitamin and mineral supplements and deworming, was also provided to the animals as needed.

In addition to preventing the potential spread of disease to wild animals, free vaccination drives of this nature serve to build a rapport with local communities and can help change local attitudes towards conservation. Conducting such drives is especially challenging in this landscape, however, since most Nyishi tribals do not keep their livestock in cattle sheds; the animals are free-ranging, which makes it difficult to capture and vaccinate them.

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