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Search for a Spectacle
Published by Joydeep Bose, 01 May 2003
A conservation survey of the Phayre's leaf monkey (Trachypithecus phayrei) in Assam and Mizoram supported by National Geographic Society and Conservation International

North-East INdia is home to ten of the fifteen primte species found in India. The Phayre’s leaf monkey is perhaps the most enigmatic and least known of these ten species. The fact that a short conservation survey like this one conducted by Joydeep Bose can reveal three of four new sites in which the primate was preciously un-recorded shows that some areas of the North-East are still completely unexplored.

While research is not the primary mandate of a conservation-action oriented organisation like Wildlife Trust of India, it is recognised that for many species, even baseline data is not available to decide on conservation priorities. It is with this in mind that the Board of Trustees mandates a division to conduct conservation surveys. This one on the Phayre’s leaf monket is the second in this series of such surveys.

Vivek Menon
Executive Director, WTI

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