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Action Tiger 3rd Edition
08 Oct 2014
With the tiger's range confined to 13 countries today, its distribution has more than halved and so have its numbers. With the tiger facing a serious challenge in its entire distribution range, the Global Tiger Forum has compiled the latest Tiger Action Plans of 13 tiger range states into this edition of the Action Tiger, giving scientists and conservationists an insight into the strategies adopted by governments to deal with the problem.


The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and its India partner Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) are proud to be associated with the Global Tiger Forum (GTF), and are committed to strengthening it as part of their efforts at conserving the majestic tiger.

IFAW-WTI's support to the GTF began in 2005 with a placement of a Technical Officer to help out at the GTF Secretariat. While assisting in the functioning of the GTF, the Technical Officer additionally helped compile National Tiger Action Plans (NTAPs) of various Tiger Range Countries (TRCs) into a single document titled “Action Tiger” to provide stakeholders a comprehensive insight into the respective conservation needs and priorities of each of these countries to conserve the magnificent animal. IFAW besides seconding the Technical Officer to the GTF, also makes payment towards the annual membership fees of Cambodia. In 2007, the 1st edition of “Action Tiger”, comprising NTAPs of 12 of the 13 TRCs was published. The 2nd edition of “Action Tiger” published in 2011, added the NTAP of the Lao PDR, which was not included in the first edition.

Conservation needs and priorities to save the tiger vary amongst countries, and also within a single country, they may vary with time. This necessitates these documents to be periodically updated to suit the changing needs, and also to find solutions as we start understand the needs better. IFAW-WTI are committed to periodically update this Action Tiger document for use by stakeholders including non-tiger range countries, NGO community and even individuals to help TRCs in their efforts to save the tiger. The third edition of the “Action Tiger” includes the updated versions of NTAPs of India and Vietnam, which had become due for. All National Tiger Action Plans compiled in this edition retain the original text without any change as was received from the respective tiger range countries.

I am grateful to Dr Rajesh Gopal, Secretary General, GTF, for giving IFAW-WTI the opportunity to bring out a comprehensive document that pieces together the needs of the species from across its distribution range for a unified holistic global approach at tiger conservation.

I end this note with a request to all to support all TRCs in their continued efforts to ensure effective implementation of these NTAPs, so that this species, so easily recognized as the face of wildlife conservation worldwide, is safe from extinction.

Vivek Menon
Sr. Advisor to President and Regional Director- South Asia, IFAW
Executive Director and CEO, Wildlife Trust of India

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