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With the tiger's range confined to 13 countries today, its distribution has more than halved and so have its numbers. With the tiger facing a serious challenge in its entire distribution range, the Global Tiger Forum has compiled the latest Tiger Action Plans of 13 tiger range states into this edition of the Action Tiger, giving scientists and conservationists an insight into the strategies adopted by governments to deal with the problem.
by Ritwick Dutta, Dr. Rakesh Kr. Singh, Aniruddha Mookerjee
As India's swelling population exerts myriad pressures on its shrinking natural heritage, the character of forest management and government is rapidly changing. It is therefore important that the guardians of the wild are better equipped to deal with the changing realities. This Ready Reckoner is a part of the series of manuals being brought out by the Wildlife Trust of India's Van Rakshak Programme to enhance the skills of the forest staff, and others concerned with enforcement.
by NVK Ashraf and Rajeev Pillay
IFAW-WTI Emergency Relief Network Digest 2006-2007
Commemorating a decade of Wildlife Rescue and Rehablilitation
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