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WTI celebrates the International Whale Shark Day with Fisheries students at Veraval, Gujarat
IFAW-WTI Emergency Relief Network responds to animals affected by floods in Kerala
Gaj Yatra Rolls Out in Meghalaya


WTI supports an anti-grazing patrolling initiative in Jammu & Kashmir

In the overarching landscape of Kazinag National Park, Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary and Tattakutti Wildlife Sanctuary resides the world’s largest mountain goat, Kashmir or Pir Panjal Markhor (Capra falconeri cashmiriensis), a Near Threatened species and Schedule -1 species under Wildlife (Protection) Act (1972) and Jammu and Kashmir WPA (2002a). Read more ›

Global Tiger Day celebrated with students at Delhi’s National Zoological Park

Founded in 2010, at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, Global Tiger Day, often called International Tiger Day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation, held annually on 29 July. The celebration commemorates the day when an ambitious and visionary species conservation goal, TX2 was set by the governments of the 13 tiger range countries: to double the number of wild tigers by 2022. Read more ›

A rapid response to wildlife emergencies – The Rapid Response Team (RRT)

The shrinking habitats of wild animals due to escalating human population result in unsolicited and inevitable encounters between humans and wild animals in and around forests, leading to human-wildlife conflict. Wildlife Trust of India’s (WTI) Rapid Response Team (RRT) was established to provide an expert emergency response to such conflict situations and address human big-cat conflict proximally. Read more ›

Wildlife Trust of India celebrates International Day for Conservation of Mangroves

The Kannur Kandal project initiated by Apollo Tyres, in partnership with Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) celebrated UNESCO-mandated international day for the conservation of mangroves at Kannur, Kerela. Honourable Kannur Mayor, Ms EP Latha was the Chief Guest at the event, which was also attended by senior Government and Forest officials, representatives of Apollo Tyres and WTI, community members and academia. Read more ›

Bihar to conduct dolphin count, WTI partners to conserve river biodiversity

Bihar government has recently commissioned a population estimation survey of the Ganges River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica ganegtica) – declared as National Aquatic Animal in 2009, in about 1000 km river stretch of the Ganga and its two major tributaries in Bihar – the Gandak and Ghaghra. Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) has partnered with the state government to conduct the exercise in both the tributaries. Read more ›

Vets on Wheels conduct awareness-cum-training Programs at Similipal Tiger Reserve

Under its Vets on Wheels: Similipal Tiger Reserve project, the Mobile Veterinary Service (MVS) unit established by Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) held a series of awareness-cum-training programs on best management and ethical practices of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. The programs were held in the forest divisions of Anandapur, Balasore, Baripada, Karanjia and Rairangpur last month. Read more ›

Inviting Ideas to Save Elephants in India

Throughout India, the elephants are running out of space and time. The spread of human settlements, plantations, farming, mining and railways is squeezing elephant populations into decreasing pockets of forest. Those that survive are forced into areas of human activity, if not just to pass between forest patches, then directly to feed on crops. The once harmonious relationships between elephants and people are breaking down, and both are getting killed all too frequently when conflict becomes extreme. We need Solutions to save the elephants and people. Read more ›