Documentation Officer

Job Category Marketing and Communications
Location Noida, NCR
Date Posted 05-Apr-2017
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As our Documentation Officer you will be responsible for acquiring, cataloguing and managing Wildlife Trust of India’s data resources, and disseminating said resources in an efficient manner in keeping with the needs of WTI staff. You will work in WTI’s national headquarters in Noida, NCR under the Marketing & Communications division, and will report to the division’s Head and Principal Investigator.

 Qualifications, experience and skills

  • Bachelors or Masters degree in Library Sciences
  • Strong IT skills and familiarity with the use of databases, archival systems, Content Management Systems and the Internet in general
  • Ability to sift through, properly catalogue, systematise and manage data resources
  • Attention to detail
  • Proficiency in English, both written and verbal, and good interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of photography and videography with use of relevant editing software
  • Candidates with subject-specific knowledge or expertise in wildlife conservation will given preference

Broad responsibilities

  • Improving and implementing set protocols for the documentation of WTI’s photographs, video footage, media clippings and other data resources in an easily retrievable system
  • Using library archival systems and other specialist IT applications to catalogue said data resources with appropriate tags and classifications
  • Helping to identify and rectify lacunae in the organisation’s IT facilities with respect to the above
  • Helping to develop an intranet resource library to allow WTI staff to easily search and access the organisation’s data resources as needed; explaining and promoting this library’s resources to users
  • Analysing media hits and ensuring the timely delivery of periodic reports to Project Heads, donors etc as needed
  • Uploading content to the WTI website using the provided WordPress Content Management System