Abhishek Narayanan

A certified physiotherapist, Abhiskek Narayan joined WTI in 2011 after studying and rescuing snakes with various wildlife organisations for around four years. Currently he works as a technical officer in the Rescue and Conflict Mitigation department, and enjoys every bit of it. An enthusiastic biker, he describes the feeling of the wind in his face as he drives through and around the city, as one of the best feelings in the world – apart from handling snakes, obviously.

Abhishek is an enthusiastic birder and photographer and has travelled the country taking photographs and writing travel pieces for various magazines. He once rode all the way to Ladakh on a 100cc bike with a group of bikers and 15 days of the winter there on the most basic food and shelter, something he talks incessantly about. Abhishek is one of the newest, but most valuable members of the staff at the headquarters.