Debobroto Sircar

Debobroto joined WTI in November 2009. He currently sits at the headquarters in the Wild Aid team, tirelessly going through proposals and coordinating with proponents associated with WTI’s Rapid Action Projects. Debo is frequently summoned to the TT room by anybody who needs a break and a worthy competitor.

A Delhite, Debobroto completed his post -graduation in environmental studies and under-graduation in geography from the University of Delhi. He also received an M.Phil in Natural Resource Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM), Bhopal.

Since his days as a teenager was always keen on working with wildlife. He attributes this interest to documentaries on conservation, especially those of Sir David Attenborough. “I chose an offbeat career path that very few people understand. For this, I thank my parents who were supportive throughout,” he says.

Debo has recently shifted to the headquarters. “When I was on the field I enjoyed every bit of the experience that came with travelling, learning new things, exploring untouched areas, and I especially like the fact that I am contributing, even if it is a miniscule effort to save some of the majestic species in the world, which very few can even see in their lifetime. I truly follow the saying: It is the time to act …rather than react.”

He was also involved in the All India Tiger Estimation & Monitoring Programme in Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, Chhattisgarh, undertaken by WTI on behalf of Wildlife Institute of India, as a research member on the team.

Debobroto enjoys trekking, being with nature and wildlife photography and calls himself a complete sports and music addict.