Dr Mayukh Chatterjee

Mayukh currently heads WTI’s Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Division, and has in the past served in several other positions in the organisation, including as Head of the Planning Division and as Technical Officer to the Executive Director. He is a graduate in Anthropology (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) and has a doctorate in Animal Behavioural Ecology from the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

Mayukh is pursuing his dream of one day having a secure future for wildlife and people in the country. He has a deep sense of respect for animals, nature and humans alike, and advocates this as a prerequisite for conservation. His work in WTI primarily focuses on developing long-term and short-term strategies for mitigating conflict between humans and various wildlife species.

Having working with WTI for over seven years now, Mayukh has been instrumental in conceptualising and implementing a number of new ideas, and initiating several human-wildlife conflict mitigation projects. He is also an avid aeromodeller and unmanned vehicle designer, and hopes to bring such technology to use in the field of wildlife conservation.