Rupa Gandhi Chaudhary

Rupa is the chief of social entrepreneurship and chief marketing officer, apart from being the chief of hilarious email forwards. She first joined WTI in 2003, and after a brief gap, returned to lead the lead communications and campaigns teams in 2010, and is now the chief marketing officer. Rupa comes up with the wackiest of ideas, and almost always manages to see them through.

A decade after working in petrochemical corporations, Rupa found herself travelling, photographing and writing for an inflight magazine for a domestic airline that shut down after people started calling it Yamdoot as its aircraft doors would open in mid air – or so they claimed! As co-ordinator of Communications and Campaigns of WTI from 2003, she handled the website and press releases of IFAW- WTI, the anti-shahtoosh campaign, the Whale Shark Campaign and Animal Action Week in India. She returned to WTI after a brief gap to lead communications and campaigns yet again.

Rupa is responsible for causing most of the giggles that go on on the top floor at the headquarters, which she does by constantly sending out hilarious emails and tweets, or telling tales of her heavy-metal loving 23-year-old son. When isn’t at work, she ideates, conjures up cocktails, cooks and meets friends. She also fantasises of retiring growing potatoes in the Garhwal Himalayas.