The Ministry of Women & Child Development ( has been administering the 'Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women' (STEP) scheme since 1986-87, with the aim of providing skills that give employability to women and provide competencies and skills that enable women to become self-employed/entrepreneurs. The Scheme is intended to benefit women who are in the age group of 16 years and above across the country.

ASSOCIATED PROJECTS: Valmiki Conservation Project | Greater Manas Conservation Project

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change ( is the nodal agency in the administrative structure of the Central Government for the planning, promotion, co-ordination and overseeing the implementation of India's environmental and forestry policies and programmes.


The National Biodiversity Authority ( was established in 2003 to implement India's Biological Diversity Act (2002). The NBA is a Statutory, Autonomous Body and it performs facilitative, regulatory and advisory function for the Government of India on issues of conservation, sustainable use of biological resources and fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the use of biological resources.

ASSOCIATED PROJECTS: Valmiki Conservation Project

The Odisha State Forest Department ( is responsible for the protection and management of wildlife and wild habitats in the state of Odisha. The state's forests are well stocked, diverse, multi-storied and dense. The forests are managed for sustained use providing a range of goods and services to a variety of stakeholders at local and broader levels.

ASSOCIATED PROJECTS: MVS Similipal | Odisha Management Plan

The Prince Bernhard Nature Fund ( was established in 1994 by the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. The Fund's mission is to support small, preferably local initiatives towards the conservation and wise use of nature and our natural resource base. Effectively, it aims to help save critically endangered flora and fauna. The Fund focuses on work undertaken by organisations located in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

ASSOCIATED PROJECTS: Valmiki Conservation Project

The Rufford Foundation ( is an independent grant-making trust based in the UK. The Foundation concentrates its funding on nature conservation projects in developing countries undertaken by small to medium-sized organisations.


Tata Chemicals Limited ( is a global company with interests in businesses that focus on LIFE: Living, Industry and Farm Essentials. The story of the company is about harnessing the fruits of science for goals that go beyond business.

ASSOCIATED PROJECTS: Mithapur Coral Reef Recovery Project | Whale Shark Conservation Project

The Tata Trusts ( have played a pioneering role in transforming traditional ideas of charity and introducing the concept of philanthropy to make a real difference to communities. Through a grant-making, direct implementation and co-partnership strategy, the Trusts support and drive innovation in the areas of natural resources management; education; healthcare and nutrition; rural livelihoods; enhancing civil society and governance; arts, crafts and culture; and diversified employment.

ASSOCIATED PROJECTS: Sarus Crane Conservation Project