CWRC Team Rehabilitates Rescued Jackal Pups Back to the Wild


A slideshow of the three rescued jackal pups at CWRC, at the acclimatisation enclosure, and finally making their way into the wild

CWRC, Kaziranga National Park, June 15, 2017: Three orphaned Indian jackal pups that were being hand-raised at CWRC – the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation, IFAW-WTI and the Assam Forest Department’s wildlife rescue, treatment and rehabilitation facility near Kaziranga National Park – were successfully rehabilitated into the wild on the evening of June 14.

The pups, two males and a female, had been rescued by CWRC’s Mobile Veterinary Service (MVS) unit from a construction site in the Rajabari area of Bokakhat Town on March 23 and 24. They were housed in a specialised enclosure at the centre till the end of May, when CWRC veterinarians conducted a health screening and determined that the next step in the soft release protocol could be initiated.

“That the jackal pups have made their own way out of the acclimatisation enclosure and into the wild is the ideal rehabilitation outcome.”

The pups each received a silver earring for post-release monitoring and, on May 29, were shifted to a temporary enclosure in the Panbari Reserve Forest so that they could acclimatise to a wild environment. Live prey was provided in the enclosure to activate their hunting instincts.

Over the past two weeks the pups were observed digging near the walls of the enclosure. Finally, last evening, they dug their way to freedom under the western corner. They exited the enclosure one by one and slowly made their way into the forest.

“That the jackal pups have made their own way out of the enclosure is the ideal rehabilitation outcome”, said Dr Panjit Basumatary, lead veterinarian at CWRC. “We are positive about their chances of survival in the Panbari RF, which is good jackal habitat. We have placed a camera trap in the vicinity of the enclosure so we will know if they return. As per protocol the enclosure will remain in place for a month.”

One of the three rescued jackal pups digs its way out the acclimatisation enclosure and into the wild