Re-homed in Bannerghatta National Park


Tigers: ‘The Italians’Date of Birth: N/A

King, Royale, Harak and Zeudy were rescued from appalling conditions by the Big Cat Project. The five tigers had been confiscated from an Italian circus and caged in a tiny ‘beast-wagon’ for over 18 months. The five lived at the Big Cat Sanctuary, Kent and have now been re-homed at Bannerghatta National Park.


Tiger: Ginny the tigerDate of Birth: Estimated 1986

Ginny and her mate Bill were in very poor health when they were rescued from horrifying conditions in Limburgse Zoo, Belgium. They had many happy months, enjoying grass and trees for the very first time, but sadly Bill”s health deteriorated and he was put to sleep. Ginny missed him dreadfully but was comforted by the arrival of the ‘Italian Five’ tigers. She too has found a new home in Bangalore.

Tiger: RoqueDate of Birth: May ’98

Roque was only a few days old when he was taken from his mother.  Weeks later he was put on sale in a Spanish pet shop. Many such pets end their days confined in tiny cages by their inexperienced owners.  Born Free was determined to expose Europe’s cruel and largely unregulated exotic pet trade.  Roque was rescued in an undercover operation and a national newspaper campaign highlighted his story.  Today Roque has been moved to his new, large enclousre, designed as close to `tiger habitat’ as possible, in Bangalore.