Rescued Spot-billed Pelican Released into the Wild after Surgical Intervention at CWRC


CWRC, Kaziranga National Park, August 31, 2017: An injured spot-billed pelican (Pelecanus philippensis) that had been brought to CWRC – the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation Conservation; IFAW-WTI and the Assam Forest Department’s wildlife rescue, treatment and rehabilitation facility near Kaziranga National Park – for treatment was released back into the wild yesterday.

“The fracture and tear on the pelican’s beak were both successfully repaired under anaesthesia”, said Dr Samshul Ali.

The pelican was found with an injured beak by villagers near Baghmari in Kaziranga’s Western Forest Range about a week ago, following which a Kaziranga Forest Rescue team brought it to CWRC. “It was clinically diagnosed with a ventral tear on the anterior part of the lower beak as well as a fracture of the left lateral rim. The fracture and tear were both successfully repaired under anaesthesia”, said Dr Samshul Ali, the CWRC veterinarian who performed the surgery.

The pelican, a sub-adult weighing 4kg, was kept under observation and provided post-surgical treatment at CWRC. The centre’s lead veterinarian Dr Panjit Basumatary removed the stainless steel and polyglactin sutures on August 30, once the wounds had healed.

Having been deemed fit for release, the pelican was taken to Kaziranga’s Western Forest Range under the supervision of Pankaj Bora, the Range Forest Officer who had led its rescue a week ago. It was released back to the wild near a large water body.