Support provided to people injured in conflict with elephant



Relief cheque being handed over

Kokilabari (Greater Manas, Bodoland), September 18, 2012: Three people undergoing treatment for injuries incurred during a human-elephant conflict case in the fringes of Manas National Park were provided monetary support by the International Fund for Animal Welfare – Wildlife Trust of India (IFAW-WTI) under its Greater Manas Conservation Project.

The victims were severely injured when an adult male elephant went on a rampage on August 21 in north Godhuligaon.

Thanking IFAW-WTI for the aid, Anindya Swargiary, Field Director – Manas NP, said, “The human-elephant conflict issues are unavoidable. This kind of accidents should be addressed with right strategy by the administration with the support of NGOs and community.”


Destruction caused by the elephant in Godhuligaon, Manas

The relief cheques amounting to a total of 55000 rupees were handed out by the Field Director last week. The handover was coordinated by the Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism Society (MMES) – one of the several community-based organisations working for the conservation of Greater Manas.

“Human-elephant conflict cases in Greater Manas region are rare as compared to other parts of Assam. These cases are unfortunate. There are ways to reduce these conflicts but it may never be possible to completely eradicate it,” said Dr Bhaskar Choudhury, Regional Head, WTI.

“This little support was provided to help the victims in the treatment. We wish them a quick and complete recovery,” he added.

Charan Brahma, a 65-year-old who suffered a hip dislocation admitted that he held no grudges against the animal. “He (the elephant) was not aware of people living here.”

Phwjwngsar Narzary, General Secretary of MMES also thanked IFAW-WTI for the ‘immediate support’ provided to these families.