Vivek Menon’s Indian Mammals – A Field Guide launched


Dehradun, May 20, 2014: Today saw the launch of Indian Mammals- A Field Guide, by the ED and CEO of Wildlife Trust of India Vivek Menon. The much-awaited guide was launched in the Wildlife Institute of India by the Director of IGNFA, R K Goel.

The book is an updated, superbly illustrated guide to more than 400 species of mammals found in India.

“I believe this guide boasts of over 1000 unique photos and illustrations including some of India’s hard to spot mammals, which indeed makes this book a ‘must have’ for all conservationists. I am honoured that this exquisite book was launched by me,” said R K Goel, in appreciation of Indian Mammals.

Vivek Menon with R K Goel, Director IGNFA as he launched the book, along with
Dr Jagdish Kishwan and Dr S Mukherjee. Photo courtesy: WII

Vivek Menon, echoing his thoughts, said, “This book has been the culmination of many years of hard work and I am pleased at the result in shape of the book. My thanks to International Fund for Animal Welfare for its support and also to the publishing house Hachette for this impressive product.” He further added, “Wildlife Trust of India has been an intrinsic part of conservation work in Uttarakhand for many years and I am glad that Wildlife Institute of India in Dehradun is hosting the first launch of this book.”

Covering the rich diversity of mammal species in India, from tigers, elephants, rhinos and whales to primates, rodents and bats, Indian Mammals is a comprehensive and field-ready illustrated guide for use by all wildlifers.

Accompanied by superb full-colour photographs and distribution maps and based upon impeccable scientific research reviewed by experts, the guide records details of virtually every mammal known to exist in India.

R K Goel, Director IGNFA praising the book moments after he formally launched it.
Photo courtesy: WII

“It is a special privilege for me to witness the launch of Indian Mammals written by my colleague and college alumnus, Vivek. I am proud of the high quality field guide on mammals that he has produced”, said Dr Jagdish Kishwan, Chief Advisor Wildlife Trust of India.

The in-depth, up-to-date text by Vivek Menon, one of India’s leading naturalists and an authority on Indian wildlife, describes key identification features, biometrics, behaviour, social strategies, habitat and distribution of the mammals.

Encyclopaedic in sweep yet accessible in approach, Indian Mammals includes the majestic and most sought-after as well as the extraordinary and elusive mammals.

Indian Mammals – A Field Guide may be purchased from at a special discounted price!