Aircel ( is one of India's leading telecom operators. Aircel has been constantly innovating products and services and is credited with making 3G affordable to masses by launching Pocket Internet Smart which offers best value 3G packs. Aircel has positioned itself as a data led telecom player and has addressed the multi-functionality of a mobile phone in many innovative ways which are Industry firsts, be it the Aircel Pocket Internet, Pocket Internet Games and Facebook Voice Updates on Aircel.

ASSOCIATED PROJECTS: Rapid Action Projects | Trade Control Project | MVS Bandipur | UP Carnivore Conservation Project

Apollo Tyres Ltd ( is a high-performance tyre manufacturer headquartered in India. It is built around the core principles of creating stakeholder value through reliability in its products and dependability in its relationships. The company has manufacturing units in India and in the Netherlands.

ASSOCIATED PROJECTS: Kannur Kandal (Mangrove Conservation) Project

Asian Elephant Support ( is a US Non-profit foundation dedicated to the care and conservation of Asian elephants in their range countries, and to the people whose lives are intertwined with this magnificent and endangered species.

ASSOCIATED PROJECTS: Captive Elephant Health Camp (Sonepur Mela)