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WTI and UP State Forest Department successfully train Mahouts in Dudhwa

For over 3000 years of shared history, elephants have been captured by humans and used as beasts of burden, and sometimes even as tools of war, as evident from the feat achieved by Hannibal Barca where he marched 38 elephants across the Alps into Italy during the second Punic war (~220 BC). These elephants were speculated to have been Asian elephants. Read more »

WTI trains a new batch of Frontline Forest staff at Kanha National Park

As a part of the continuing efforts under its Van Rakshak Project to train, equip and boost the morale of frontline forest staff across the country, Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), in partnership with Madhya Pradesh Forest Department and with support from IFAW, conducted a training programme for the new staff in Khatia Eco Centre from November 17-19, 2018. Read more »

Vets on Wheels conduct awareness-cum-training Programs at Similipal Tiger Reserve

Under its Vets on Wheels: Similipal Tiger Reserve project, the Mobile Veterinary Service (MVS) unit established by Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) held a series of awareness-cum-training programs on best management and ethical practices of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. The programs were held in the forest divisions of Anandapur, Balasore, Baripada, Karanjia and Rairangpur last month. Read more »