Manas, August 16, 2014: Dr Bhaskar Choudhury, Regional Head (Assam) of WTI wrote this blog as he was monitoring the rehabilitated rhinos, now proud mothers in the wild, and fondly remembering being there when they first came in as orphan calves. Read more
Bandipur, August 15, 2014: A story by WTI's Regional Head (South India), Jose Louies, behind the scenes of a tiger conflict in Karnataka. Conservation may not have immediate returns, but there are few resolute in their vow to protect the wild. Read more
August 8, 2014: All of our rehabilitated ele calves in Manas NP are doing well, still fervently looking for wild herds to take them in. Here’s an account by our field biologist Anjan Sangma of a recent incident where two of them had to be re-rescued. Read more
Mobile Veterinary Service (MVS) project is one of the unique efforts of Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) to provide in-situ emergency relief to displaced or distressed wild animals. The project envisages placement of trained and equipped wildlife veterinarians in major protected areas across the country to ensure round-the-clock medical attention to wild animals in need.
The Udanti Wild Buffalo Recovery Project aims to stabilise the wild buffalo population in Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary, Chhattisgarh by implementing a number of ex situ and in situ interventions.

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