Three Rhino Calves Going Wild

Rescued from the floodwaters in Kaziranga in July 2016. Hand-raised at CWRC. And now, transported to a pre-release boma in Manas. Three orphaned rhino calves are on the verge of wild rehabilitation.

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07 from 2017


As we wiggle our toes in the incoming tides of 2018, here are some highlights from among a range of conservation action activities that we initiated or continued in the year gone by.



The Unexpected Guest

Members of our Vidarbha Tiger Project’s Rapid Response Team recently assisted the Maharashtra Forest Department and Special Tiger Protection Force in tranquilising and capturing a male tiger that had ventured into a village in the Tumsar region of Vidarbha.

A from-the-ground account of the operation


Right Of Passage

From Chilla-Motichur in Uttarakhand to Thirunelli-Kudrakote in Kerala, we’re working to secure 101 elephant corridors across India. Learn how these vital habitat linkages enable the uninterrupted movement of wildlife between larger forest areas, helping secure the future of India’s National Heritage Animal, the Asian elephant.

More about the Right of Passage project

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Hatching Hope for India’s Biggest Bird

Until recently, Eastern UP was totally off the radar as a region of conservation importance for the Sarus Crane. In 2013 our Sarus Crane Conservation Project took wing, monitoring and protecting nests on the Important Sarus Wetlands Sites and local croplands of 10 districts.

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About WTI

About WTI

Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) is a leading conservation organisation committed to securing India's natural heritage. Learn more

Over 80% of donations made to us directly impact animals in the wild

In Focus

March of the Elephants

WTI CEO Vivek Menon on a journey to highlight the plight of elephants and point to solutions that would afford them their Right of Passage.

The WildWatch Mobile App

Our Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation App has been undergoing field testing during the Sabarimala pilgrimage in Kerala! Know more here >>

Right of Passage [2nd Edition]

Our definitive publication on the 101 elephant corridors mapped across India is out! Learn more and download a pdf here.

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The Secret Lives of Indian Mammals is a one-of-a-kind wildlife guide for children. Available now at a special launch price of Rs 300. Visit our shop and order now!

Resource Centre

Project Dol Horina

This short film outlines the successful translocation of 17 eastern swamp deer in February this year under our Eastern Swamp Deer Conservation Project.

Haladhibari Rhino Calf Rescue (Kaziranga Floods 2017)

A rhino calf, barely a few weeks old, was rescued from floodwaters in Kaziranga by an IFAW-WTI Mobile Veterinary Service unit and brought to CWRC.

Right of Passage: Elephant Corridors of India [2nd Edition]

A comprehensive listing of India's 101 elephant corridors as listed and mapped by elephant experts in consultation with all state forest departments that are part of elephant range in the country.

Conflict to Co-existence

At a time when our forests are increasingly fragmented and degraded and the tide of human-wildlife conflict keeps rising, WTI presents these easily to deploy, field proven conflict mitigation solutions.

The Gaj Yatra: New Delhi Launch

The Gaj Yatra, WTI and IFAW's mega-campaign to secure the future of India's wild elephants, got underway in New Delhi. Glimpses from the launch event.

Photo Of The Week

From Ladakh to Kunhimangalam, from hungry tigers to goats on the edge, to endangered turtles: the best photographs from across our several field projects, and beyond