The ‘Sacred Root’ that’s a Lizard Penis

An IFAW-WTI investigation reveals that hatha jodi, a ‘sacred root’ touted as a powerful charm by occult practitioners and sold openly through prominent e-commerce sites, is actually the forked penis of any of three species of legally protected monitor lizards found in India.

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Swingin’ in the Rain

‘Karbi’ and ‘Makumi’, a pair of endangered western hoolock gibbons hand-raised at IFAW-WTI’s Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation near Kaziranga, Assam, experienced their first rain shower as free apes when they were successfully rehabilitated into the wild on June 13.

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Dia Mirza is now our Brand Ambassador!

Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) is pleased to announce that Dia Mirza, actor, filmmaker, humanitarian and Champion of Nature, has formally joined the WTI team as its Brand Ambassador.

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Right Of Passage

From Chilla-Motichur in Uttarakhand to Thirunelli-Kudrakote in Kerala, we’re working to secure 101 elephant corridors across India. Learn how these vital habitat linkages enable the uninterrupted movement of wildlife between larger forest areas, and will reduce Human Wildlife Conflict in the long-term.

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Hatching Hope for India’s Biggest Bird

Until recently, Eastern UP was totally off the radar as a region of conservation importance for the Sarus Crane. In 2013 our Sarus Crane Conservation Project took wing, monitoring and protecting nests on the Important Sarus Wetlands Sites and local croplands of 10 districts.

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About WTI

About WTI

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In Focus

The Junkyard Leopard

A tale of adaptability, camouflage and an increasingly rare human tolerance from our field project in Vidarbha.

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The Secret Lives of Indian Mammals is a one-of-a-kind wildlife guide for children. Available now at a special launch price of Rs 300. Visit our shop and order now!

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Your videos/photographs can help us spread awareness about Human Elephant Conflict and the importance of elephant corridors. Learn more here.

H is for Hummingbird

If hummingbirds can be centres of tourist attraction in Colombia, should sunbirds be far behind in India, asks WTI CEO Vivek Menon in this feature.

Length of Skin, Weight of Bone

A chilling journey into the minds and methods of some dangerous individuals from India’s traditional hunting communities.

Resource Centre

Whale Shark Conservation Project

A video by Tata Chemicals Ltd, our partner in the Whale Shark Conservation Project, shows how we've transformed local fishing communities in Gujarat into protectors of the world's largest fish.

Help Us Save Elephants in Assam from Train-hits

Train collisions are the fourth-largest cause of unnatural elephant mortality in the country. Help us address this grave issue through direct, short-term interventions in Assam

Conflict to Co-existence

At a time when our forests are increasingly fragmented and degraded and the tide of human-wildlife conflict keeps rising, WTI presents these easily to deploy, field proven conflict mitigation solutions.

Tiger Country: Helping Save Bhutan’s Natural Heritage

A report on four years of work by IFAW-WTI in partnership with the Government of Bhutan, training forest guards, customs and enforcement personnel.

The Orphan that Went Wild

The recent sighting of Sohola, a rhino we helped send #BackToTheWild emphasises the robust hand-raising and rehabilitation protocols practised at CWRC, our flagship wildlife rescue centre in Assam.

Photo Of The Week

From Ladakh to Kunhimangalam, from hungry tigers to goats on the edge, to endangered turtles: the best photographs from across our several field projects, and beyond