First People Biodiversity Register (PBR) of Chhattisgarh Released


March 31, 2019, Mainpur, Chattisgarh : Wildlife Trust of India has been extensively surveying the Tourenga Panchayat at Mainpur in Chattisgarh since April 2018, to map out its vivid biodiversity profile. The 1477.59 hectares of the Tourenga Panchayat constitutes the villages of Tourenga, Jugad and Kodomali. A technical support group (TSG), including a line of subject experts from different fields was also formed to help compile the report. WTI has documented the details of each element of the biodiversity as a publication. This couldn’t have been made possible without our corporate partner, Oracle who supported us financially through this and needless to mention Chhattisgarh Forest Department and Oracle.

The People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR) of Tourenga Gram Panchayat was formally released by Tourenga BMC on the 31st of March, 2019 at Mainpur. The document, published with the technical guidance from Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) was officially handed over to Mr Sanjay Kumar Ojha, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest & Member Secretary of Chhattisgarh State Biodiversity Board, by Mr Punaram Sahu, the president and secretary of Tourenga BMC. This marked the first PBR publication from the state of Chhattisgarh aimed at promoting the conservation and sustainable use of local biodiversity. ” I would like congratulate to Tourenga BMC to prepare first PBR of the state. Thanks to Dr. R.P. Mishra and his team for provide technical and financial support to prepare and publish this excellent document”, said Shri Ojha during the release.

Along with listing the several categories of natural resources found in the area, the publication also includes traditional knowledge held by local vaidyas, hakims and local healthcare practitioners for human, livestock and biodiversity in agriculture, fisheries and forestry. The document lists a total of 24 crops, 18 fruit plants, 17 fodder species, 19 weeds (in agriculture), 21 pest of crops, 34 medicinal plants, 12 domestic ornamental plants, domestic 11 timber plants, 10 domesticated animals, 174 wild plants, 16 aquatic animals, 19 aquatic plants, 8 wild relatives of crops, 16 wild ornamental plants, 14 wild timber plants, 27 wild animals, 36 birds, 20 reptiles, 14 arachnids, 47 insects, 44 butterflies, 23 months, 7 amphibians, 11 Odonates, 13 fishes and crustaceans found in the (Biodiversity Management Committee) BMC area. This comprehensive list will now act as a manual for all further resource management activities to be held in the Tourenga Panchayat.

Shri Sanjay Ojha, APCCF & Member Secretary of Chhattisgarh Biodiversity Board graced the event as the chief guest, Mr K.K. Bisen, Field Director, Udanti-Sitanadi Tiger Reserve chaired the program. Shri Bhagat, DFO Gariaband forest division and Mr R.k. Rayasth, Deputy Director, USTR were also present at the program along with the Assistant Director, Forest Range Officers, BMC members, WTI representatives, and other forest field staff. The event was hosted by Dr Rajendra Mishra, Regional Head-Central India from Wildlife Trust of India.

A team of forest field staff also presented a small Nukkad Natak, highlighting the consequences of forest fire and its adverse impact on both human and wildlife living around it. The event ended with a traditional dance, where participants wore the wild buffalo mascot as their headgear to make the event memorable. Such an event is also an example on our work with communities in Chattisgarh to promote traditional knowledge while working to save its state animal, the Wild Buffalo.