From a rhino to Shobhaa De


Dear Ms. Shobhaa,


So unfair to mention me in any manner in describing the human beings, and more despicable while comparing me with the most treacherous subspecies of human beings- the political class, which has never cared for welfare of other living beings including me. Why do you hate and deride my thick skin, which I in any case need to give me a little bit of protection against your fellow humans who are gunning for my horn, and, of course, mosquitoes who otherwise will suck me dry of my blood? Point is, come back to the argument, and cite instances of my being treacherous, corrupt, selfish, dangerous, brazen or even arrogant. If not, then why kick me up to the coveted ring of your dear politicians. For me all of you are same- uncaring, indifferent, selfish, pretentious, showy and arrogant. If you really want to know more about me and my problems, please come and visit me at my home in Brahmaputra plains. How, I have been running for cover dodging the bullets of poachers for the last 6 months. I know you won’t understand, because you might be having the misplaced belief that my thick skin is impenetrable to sways of swords and volleys of gunfire, giving me enough protection. I wonder, how much wrong one could be!!! I am sure now you understand how vulnerable and insecure I am, and it is no point putting me in the league of high and mighty of the country and for that matter of the world. Please leave me alone, and don’t please ever compare me to any of your kins, which I find to be very disturbing and degrading.

-Jagdish Kishwan on behalf of a rhino


Photo: Sashanka Barbaruah/WTI


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