Injured Jungle Kitten Admitted at CWRC



Kaziranga, January 28, 2016: An injured male jungle cat has been admitted to IFAW-WTI run wildlife rescue centre CWRC from Lakhowjan TE of Bokakhat sub division in Goghat district of Assam.

The animal was found alone by the tea garden staff and the garden manager immediately informed CWRC and sought help. The CWRC-MVS team rushed to the spot on receiving the information.

According to Dr Biswajit Boruah, CWRC MVS Veterinarian, who examined the animal, said, “After physical examination it was found that the animal had a fracture on the right metatarsal bone. An X-ray was taken of the same.”

The animal is under observation at CWRC and a plan for surgical intervention is being worked out by the veterinary experts for proper apposition of the bone. The animal would then be kept at CWRC for observation and released after discussions.

The jungle cat (Felis chaus), also called reed cat and swamp cat, is a medium-sized cat native to Asia and is widespread and common particularly in India. Though it is listed as least concern in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, it’s population decline and range contraction are raising concern,