Rapid Action Project (RAP) – First Aid Kit Distribution in Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh


Dudhwa National park, Uttar Pradesh, May 31st  2018: As part of the Rapid Action Project (RAP) initiated by Wild Aid division, with the support of CAF India, the front-line forest staff of five ranges of Dudhwa National Park were provided with First aid kits (100 nos). The front line forest staff face a plethora of challenges while daily patrolling forests. Often located in remote areas the on-ground staffs face life-threatening situations and do not have the liberty of medical assistance. These customized first aid kits will thus help address any immediate medical emergency in the camps. The staff will also help provide first aid support to nearby villages as and when required.

           Wildlife Warden of Dudhwa National Park, Mr. D.K Chaturvedi distributed the First Aid Kit to Forest Staff

The kits were officially handed over to Mr. Mahaveer Koujalagi, Deputy Director of DNP in his office on 24th May 2018, and a formal hand-over event was organized by WTI Dudhwa team and forest department on May 31st. The Wildlife Warden of Dudhwa National Park Mr. D.K. Chaturvedi, presided over the event and distributed the kits to the frontline forest staff posted across chowkis and beats falling within the 5 ranges of Dudhwa National Park. Mr. Chaturvedi mentioned,” We would like to thank WTI for this support, these kits will be especially useful to staff posted in remote areas of DNP – where there is no medical facility nearby”

                                    Wildlife Warden along with WTI Team distributing first aid kits to the forest staff