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First-hand Account: Capturing the Man-eater of Pilibhit

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, February 20, 2017: Nine days ago, a WTI Rapid Response Team assisted the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department in tranquilising and capturing a tiger that was declared a man-eater after having killed multiple people in the fringe areas of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. Read more »


A multi-pronged approach to mitigating conflict between humans and big cat species in and around Dudhwa and Pilibhit Tiger Reserves, including the promotion of community participation in conflict mitigation. Read more »

The Man-eater of Mailani

Late last month a WTI team successfully tranquilised and captured a male tiger, a designated man-eater who would otherwise have been put down. A first-person account of that entire operation by one of our intrepid men on the ground, Achintya Tripathi Read more »